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Therapy Checklist

Deciding if you need Physical or Occupational Therapy can be difficult. Every individual has different needs and unique medical histories. Please don’t hesitate to schedule an initial evaluation to discuss your needs with a therapist directly. We are here to help you.

Here are some general signs that indicate you can benefit from rehabilitative services:
  • You are recovering from a surgical procedure or significant injury.
  • You have a nagging ache, ailment or injury that is not getting better fast enough.
  • You are afraid of falling, have fallen or are feeling more unsteady on your feet.
  • You are having more difficulty or are needing more assistance performing everyday activities.
  • Your joints and muscles are feeling stiffer and or painful lately.
  • You want to establish an individualized exercise program to improve balance, strength, and/or flexibility.
  • You would like help making your home environment safer and more accessible.
  • You have more and more difficulty writing.
  • Sometimes you feel confused and/or unorganized.

Please call our main office to schedule an initial consultation at 914-939-3143.

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