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Community Outreach Programs

Healing Therapeutics PLLC specializes in rehabilitation services for Seniors, and provides the following unique programs to reach-out to this population in diverse communities.

  • Educational Lectures on Health Topics
  • Exercise Classes weekly with a certified trainer or PT
  • Fall Prevention Programs
  • Balance testing with a PT
  • Home safety assessment with an OT
  • Exercise classes for Balance & Strength
  • Assisted Device Clinic

Benefits of Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach Programs are valuable to participants, but also have a marketing effect and are an asset to our partner facilities.
They draw potential clients into our partner facilities, increasing occupancy at assisted living facilities, increasing attendance at Adult Day Care centers, and bringing people in to Senior Housing Communities to try our programs. In assisted living facilities, we have seen a decrease in loss of residents due to nursing home visits because residents who participate in the programs there are stronger and more resilient. In addition, having Healing Therapeutics in-house rehabilitation services allows residents to return to their rooms in assisted living after illness or injury and to by-pass the nursing home all together.

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