Core Values

Core valuesHealing Therapeutics helps patients to achieve better health, maintain a greater quality of life, reduce pain in problem areas, and get stronger.

We make a difference by helping our patients move, feel and live better. Our goal is simple: to help you get more movement back into your life. We believe that being healthy is more than just the absence of pain. True health is having the ability to do what you need and want to do. Our team of specialists has helped thousands of patients regain their quality of life and achieve superior results in building strength and balance.

We strive to make a difference in each patient’s life. We aim to provide the most effective, clinically superior care possible in each and every situation. We do what is best for the patient, while honoring their medical and personal histories.¬† Our therapists develop caring and lasting relationships with their patients, and are committed to helping patients live better lives.

Our Therapists

Our therapists are teachers and they spend a lot of time educating patients on treatments and procedures, why they work, and what they need to do long after the session. Knowledge is top priority. Our therapists are also students and they constantly keep up-to-date on the latest research and new treatments and techniques. They frequently attend educational workshops and are passionate about keeping up with new methodologies in their fields. Continuing education, use of the most advanced treatment techniques, and state-of-the art equipment are important aspects of Healing Therapeutics strong commitment to patients and referring doctors who place their patients in our care. Healing Therapeutics is an evidence based practice and that means our therapists use techniques that are supported by scientific research. In addition, our therapists review and understand the latest science and health news.