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Fitness for Seniors


Eyewitness News 3Dr. Rick was featured on Channel 3’s Eyewitness News daytime talk show Better CT in a segment called “Fitness for Seniors”.  For the growing demographic of senior citizens, health and fitness is a major concern. Dr. Rick offered simple health tips and demonstrated exercises seniors can do to improve physical health.

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Foot-Strengthening Tips To Avoid The Painful Side Effects Of Wearing High Heels (Chic Galleria)



The fashion trend toward sexy, strappy heels is climbing to new heights. Like skyscrapers, the shoes-of-the-moment keep getting higher. It’s not unusual to see 4-inch or 5-inch heels struting the streets of any city, with many styles getting an added lift from platforms. Fashionably dressed women embracing this latest spike on heels are paying a painful price for style. Ankles have been twisted, falls are not unusual, and correct upright posture is a challenge. But women will not give up their fashion cravings. So what’s a woman to do? Read more

Living Healthy at Atria Stamford (Lewisboro Daily Voice)


This lecture explores the many dimensions of how to achieve and maintain optimal health for seniors. The presenters are Dr. Binoy Singh, MD and Dr. Rick Jinete, DPT. Read More

Con paso firme: Ejercicios que ayudan a las personas mayores a no caerse (With Firm Step: Exercises that Help Older People Prevent Falls)

PT exerciseEl Dr. Enrique Jinete y su paciente Jiselina Nunez demuestran algunos ejercicios que las personas mayores pueden hacer para aumentar la flexibilidad, evitar caídas o lograr una recuperacion más rápida en caso de caerse. (Dr. Rick and his patient Jiselina Nuñez show some exercises that adults can do to increase their flexibility, prevent falls, or recover faster in the case of a fall.) Read More

Educational Community Outreach Programs

Healing Therapeutics founder Dr. Rick Jinete and some of his talented staff members provide public lectures and interviews on topics relevant to the field of rehabilitation therapy.  Topics that audiences have found most interesting include Physical Therapy for Pain Management, Home Safety, Fall Prevention, Everyday Proper Body Mechanics, How to Use Therapies to Help Those Who Suffer from Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Strokes, etc., Exercises to Reduce Back and Neck Pain, Techniques for Home Care Providers, and Community Exercise Programs.  Feel free to contact us with your questions and inquiries at