Medicare:  Questions & Answers

Q: Will Medicare pay for physical, occupational and speech therapy?

A: Yes, the therapies provided by Healing Therapeutics are billed under Medicare Part B.  Medicare pays 80% and the remaining 20% is typically paid by the patient’s secondary insurance plan.  This ratio is similar to how Medicare beneficiaries currently pay for their physician visits.

Q: Are there limits to the amount of therapy I can receive?

A: Yes, according to Medicare guidelines limitations do exist. All services must be considered medically necessary and certified by your physician. Fiscal cap limitations also exist and are often changed by United States House of Representatives bi-annually making their explanation more complex and dynamic than can be summed up here. Please call our office for the most current explanation of Medicare therapy limitations.

Q: What if I already received PT and OT services after a hospitalization because of an acute medical episode, or recently had skilled nursing care?

A: In most cases Medicare Part A is billed for those types of services. However, if you find that you need more care or are no longer covered under Medicare Part A, you can continue your therapy with Healing Therapeutics because we are Medicare Part B providers.

Q: Do I have to go to one of your offices?  Or will insurance cover therapy services in my own home?

A: You can receive therapy at home if you prefer.  Under Medicare Part B guidelines, a private practice such as Healing Therapeutics PLLC can treat patients in an office or in the patient’s home.