Speaking to patientsTherapy Checklist

Deciding if you need Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapy can be difficult.  Every individual has different needs and unique medical histories.  Please don’t hesitate to schedule an initial evaluation to discuss your needs with a therapist directly.  We are here to help you.

Here are some general signs that indicate you can benefit from rehabilitative services:

– You wish to establish an exercise program to improve balance, strength, and flexibility.

– You recently had surgery or were recently hospitalized.

– You are afraid of falling and have an unsteady gait.

– You feel weak due to a recent or chronic illness.

– Walking and doing your daily activities is becoming more difficult.

– You need help getting out of a chair, car or your bed.

– Your joints feel stiff and painful.

– You think you may need a cane, walker or wheelchair.

– You would like help making your home environment more safe and livable.

– You have more and more difficulty writing.

– You can’t always remember the words to express what you want to say.

– You have difficulty swallowing, eating or drinking.

– You are experiencing hearing loss.

– Sometimes you feel confused and unorganized.

To schedule an evaluation please call 914-939-3143 and we will help you get started on a personalized rehab program.   Therapy Checklist PT, OT, SLP