About Healing Therapeutics

12Healing Therapeutics is a private rehabilitation therapy practice that offers a physical and occupational therapy services to all in a variety of venues, such as assisted living facilities, our outpatient clinics, child and adult day care centers, senior housing communities, schools and in our client’s homes. We are a multi-location practice with clinics expanding into the Northeast region, but firmly established in greater New York metropolitan area. This private practice was founded under the thought-leadership of Dr. Rick Jinete and Healing Therapeutics has helped patients feel, move and live better for over fifteen years. We believe strongly in evidenced based practice and our senior clinical directors are active members of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Healing Therapeutics strives make high quality care accessible to people everywhere. This is why we began offering full service contract therapy partnerships to assisted living facilities and senior housing communities; in addition to our operating outpatient clinics and providing home-care services both within and outside of the Early Intervention program.

The President and CEO of the company enjoys giving lectures as a way to spread the word about the benefits of therapy and pain management, and also to reach out to those who are in need of rehabilitation services.

Some benefits of partnering with us include co-marketing endeavors, community out reach programs, balance testing and exercise classes.  We believe that a high quality of care is the most important thing, and our CEO is able to personally visit the facilities and has a hands on management style. This sets us apart from other rehab companies in our category that can grow so large they become poorly managed and consequently the quality of care declines, as well as the morale of the therapists.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide all patients with the high quality rehabilitation services in a professional, warm, and compassionate environment to best enable them to achieve their goals and improve their function.

We strive, each and every day, to ensure excellence in healthcare for our patients in a positive and forward thinking environment by adhering to evidence-based treatments for patients in all that we do, and by providing a supportive and team oriented environment for our clinicians, our staff, our patients and their families.